JOGLE Day 3: Fast and wet

Checking the altitude profile last night I realised that today had the potential to be a fast run down to Fort William and beyond. The weather reports gave no illusions that there would be anything but rain today and sure enough the rain was falling as I headed out of the B&B. It was a fast road and my legs were feeling good so I was soon picking up the speed. Although in places the surface was rough, the slight tail wind (yes I said TAIL wind) helped me along at an increasing pace and it felt good to be making the sort of progress I was used to. The views across the loch were a fantastic backdrop and took my mind away from the 100s of cars and lorries passing me by. I must say that so far the majority of cars and lorries have been excellent in passing very wide which is a great help. Of course you always get one or two idiots but on the whole the main road riding has been good.

In retrospect I think that Davenports mention mention of the word ‘racepace’ in an email this morning may have been a secret key word to unleash ReubiMax and realising the run down to Glen Coe for lunch could be really speedy I pressed on even harder. As the turning east approached it started to rain. The further up the Glen Coe road I travelled the harder it rained and the change in direction meant that I was now cycling into the wind that had helped me earlier. By the time I got to the visitors centre car park I was completely soaked and beginning to get pretty cold. Of course the good progress was my downfall as Tasha wasn’t due for a while. Luckily for me my wonderful wife turned up early and before long I was out of my cold wet clothes and we headed to the cafe for lunch ( I put some dry clothes on first). It was a fast morning – almost exactly 50 miles at 17mph.

After eating pretty much anything I could find with sugar and carbohydrates in it I pulled a few more layers on and got ready to head back out into the rain, which was still thundering down outside. I set off once more, this time with the wind in my favour, and made the turning south towards my final destination. Before long the rain died down and the sun came out and again it was superb riding. As I was travelling down a hill I noticed a rather attractive lady crossing the road. On closer inspection I realised it was Tasha, who had just parked up to take some photos of a wonderful little castle. As we were about to part a car came quickly to a halt in the lay-by and a guy got out and asked to take my picture with the backdrop of the castle for a cycling guidebook he was doing. I didn’t buy the story at all but I can’t blame people for wanting to take photos of me so I gave him the shot ;-). We chatted for a while (he actually WAS making a guidebook) and I set off once more. Many more fast miles later I stopped for a short while in a little village, before noticing the rain clouds rolling in again.

I headed to Taynuilt where I checked into the hotel. A great days cycling, with great views and no major issues to report. Distance today: 89 miles, total so far: 269 miles:

Reubens JOGLE: Day 3

8 thoughts on “JOGLE Day 3: Fast and wet

  1. Stevo

    Ah ha – so you’ve been pimping yourself out for clandestine photo sessions – AGAIN! I thought you’d learnt your lesson after those shots of you and the Paint involved in a compromising pose cost you all of your savings and a good deal of grovelling. Or perhaps I should’t mention this…?

    You sound remarkably cheerful for someone riding in the rain – excellent work young man.

  2. julian jones


    i never read a blog for more than a day, but………I am hooked on this one , I look forward to reading about your progress and the conditions you are struggling ( or not ) going through.
    some mates of mine are riding to Gib’. I pity them 22 deg, sunshine, no wind, lots of scantily dressed babes en route, it must be hell, and here you are with highland cattle and rain. Luckily Mrs W looks to be able to pull you from exhaustion and get you running on full speed.
    I will be following this to the end, so make sure you keep the updates coming.

    well done !!

  3. ReubiMax Post author

    Thanks Julian, and I appreciate your support! Actually it is sunny right now and around 20 degrees so two out of three isn’t bad! You are right, Mrs W is doing a fantastic job and I’ll definately be in her debt by the time this is over.

  4. Steve D

    The pictures only showed Reuben selling Tiger Lights to Dave t’Paint. He was understandably embarrassed as Dave had compromised himself by going back on his vow to keep his Lumicycles. It cost Reuben all of his savings as t’Paint struck such a hard bargain. Reuben had to grovel to make sure Paint didn’t let on about the discount he’d negotiated. Nothing sinister here…

    Or you can make up your own story – I’ll make an additional £1 donation for each appropriately imaginative yet non-smutty response up to a £10 maximum. Over to you all.

  5. ReubiMax Post author

    Well with that offer, Steve, how could I refuse?

    The real story is that I found Paint asleep in the middle of the road one night after he left the Miners and bounced off the local shop. I decided to take a photo for later blackmail.

    Or this could also be made up…

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