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The JOGLE starts in 12 hours!

We set off from our M6 travelodge after a quick breakfast in the service station. A blueberry muffin in case you were wondering (all in the name of carb loading!!). Then it was a good long drive in the direction of Perth shortly after which we stopped for lunch, again I felt it necessary to endulge in a tasty scone as well as the chicken and bacon sandwich…

A small detour to Cromarty took us to a friends house where we admired the view and chatted for a while over a nice cup of tea. The weather has been excellent so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Finally arrived in Wick, which is about half an hour from JOG and our stop for the night. The lady running the B&B is very kind but pointed out that 100 miles a day was nothing more than a ‘mere training ride’ for ze German pro cyclists that were staying here a few days before! It’s enough for me, that’s for sure!

So this is it then, all the training and planning up to this point and in 12 hours it all begins! Of course, I’ll let you know how it goes by posting my first ride blog tomorrow evening.

Oh and by the way, Tasha has her day planned as well – I believe a world famous chocolatier visit it high on the list!

I leave you with a photo of what will, I’m sure, be a common sight for me in the evenings: a huge plate of fish and chips!