I just reached one of my long term training goals: to achieve an average speed of 20mph on the 21 mile route to Blagdon and back! All the way there the wind was in my face but I pushed through it knowing that the way back would be massively quick! And it was!! 21.2 miles in 63 minutes = 20 mph! Big grins 🙂

Twenty miles an hour!!!

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4 thoughts on “TWENTY MILES PER HOUR!!!

  1. Ian Tasker

    Nice one! I can only dream of such speeds! Looking good for the jogle!!

    When are you going to change the route to include Cheddar Gorge?

  2. ReubiMax Post author

    Hi Tasker, yeah I was really pleased with that speed especially as the wind was up! I have already done the new route – I have done a morning and afternoon route for each day now. I just need to put it up on the website – at the moment its all in gps files from (which is GREAT by the way). Trying to work out how best to go from gps to an embedded google map on the website… You back from holiday yet? Ready for a 150 mile day ride after I come back?

  3. Ian Tasker

    Came back from Port Isaac on the weekend and will be out this thursday for the first time in 6 weeks i think it is, can’t wait to get back into it. As for the 150 miler I think I might need to build up to that one. Good plan with the morning and afternoon rides. I will do one or the other with you depending on which is most suitable. With any luck you will be a bit tired by the time you get to Somerset so hopefully I will be able to keep up with you!!!

  4. ReubiMax Post author

    Excellent. Dont push it too much on Thursday! I heard you may have been guilty of a bit of cheating with your road bike on holiday? Good work. I’ll be ready to retire from cycling by the time I finish this thing. Actually, I cant wait to get back on the MTB – its been too long!

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