The big weekend – saturday – 103 miles

So this weekend is the big test – two full days back to back with the intention of covering 90 miles each day. I sorted the route earlier in the week – the plan was to make a 90 mile route to Oxford then back the next day, as we know someone we can stay with there. Off I set this morning, in all honestly probably not 100% given the stressful week I’ve had with chip tapeouts and the like. The morning leg was to Marlborough – which turned out to be pretty straightforward. I’ve discovered that perversely, if you cycle further from the edge of the road then the cars give you a wider berth. Its a weird one, but always works. Marlborough itself is a very pretty town – shame it rained hard just as I rode into it, so doing the quick change in the car (Tasha was already there) was a bit of a mess. Had lunch in a little sandwich shop – its great to have an excuse to eat all the chocolate cakes in sight – gotta pile on the calories!

Set off again towards Oxford and it all went a little pear shaped… I took what Google said was a road, but it soon deteriorated into a gravel track, then to a bridleway then to a field (see photo on route). Not ideal when you have 23mm tyres. Still, I managed to emerge eventually through some farm or other and accelerated away before anyone noticed (true ReubiMax style).

I had decided at lunch that I would attempt to break through 100 miles instead of 90 as it was going well so far. This was also fueled by Tasha wanting to spend longer in Bicester shopping village (!)… So I extended the trip beyond Oxford and up to Bicester, a total of 103 miles – my longest ever ride. Amazingly I still felt I could have added another 15 – 20 miles, but we had already planned to head to a restaurant at a certain time and anyway I didn’t want to push it when I had another 90+ miles to ride tomorrow.

Some of the villages through Oxfordshire are truly amazing. Those houses must cost a fortune!

So here is the route – 103 miles and 16 mph average:

Day 1 going large

3 thoughts on “The big weekend – saturday – 103 miles

  1. Ian Tasker

    Hey Dude! Well Done!
    Good average speed also, be interested to know how your legs feel today? (a little weak, a bit heavy?) Did they lighten up once you got going again today?

    On a different note I took Jo to the Bicester shopping village last year and ended up spending a fortune on a pair of Valentino shoes. (note to self…..not to visit again!)

    On the route issue have a look at which allows you to create a course on google maps but you also get a view in detail of the OS map alongside so you can tell if its a dirt track….Doh!

    Looking forward to your posting after todays leg home and also how you feel tomorrow.

  2. ReubiMax Post author

    Thanks Tasker, legs were stiff, but ok. Mainly it was other things like my stomach from all the crap energy food and my backside. I have learned a few things about how to deal with stuff on these long rides – here are a few: stopping for a proper break (1 hour or whatever) its a good thing to do every 50 miles or so. Then I think stopping for a short break (5 mins) every hour or so is a good idea to take on some energy in whatever form suits you best. I can tell when I need to stop as I start looking at the map more and more frequently. Also, with the exception of running out of energy (when you need to stop and take some on) all the other problems (sluggish, bad stomach etc..) will always go after a good period of time (e.g. 30 – 60 mins). Your energy often comes back in a strong wave when you least expect it. My body works best when its nearly empty, and conversely it works worst when I have eaten a meal. This is why its always bad after lunch, and I seem to need a lot of water then too. If you get a twinge in a muscle (I got one in my calf) then its best to stop and stretch it out. This worked for me.

    Yeah I bet you got some nice Valentinos – I have to say I liked that jacket you were wearing at our party too – bet that wasnt cheap! I figured out that Bicester is excellent at making you think £100 is cheap, just because it used to be £200.

    I’ll check out that website – I need to really go through my route and make lots of changes now.

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